Thursday, February 12, 2009

fitness snippet

by some bizarre quirk of my body being weird, i weigh less now than i have in like 10 years. this is not normal for a person who has had a baby in the past year, but i am not knocking it. ( i do kind of feel like i have somehow cheated and am having some emotional issues accepting it as reality, but that's a topic for a longer, more self-involved post than this one, which i have about 2 minutes to write.) and being so oddly close to my goal weight, i figure i should maybe make an actual effort to get there. here's my thought of the day on that topic:

some days my thoughts go like this:
less simple carbs--more fruit--take the stairs--take a walk at lunch--yoga?--eat more veggies and less meat--how lean is this protein?--STEP AWAY FROM THE CHOCOLATE--can i run up these stairs?

other days, it's more like:

what gives, self?