Friday, November 07, 2014

checking up on myself

lord, how i miss writing!

someone left a comment on a post here from last fall, which made me go back and look at the post. and at last year, which--yes--sucked. it's good to be in a better place right now, though the Bad Things are certainly not without consequences, to which i am still adjusting and recovering. a couple of months ago, i was thinking about last year, wondering if it was really that bad? i looked back at my 3 posts from 2013, all of which were about death. yes. yes, it really was that bad. a rough road, and one that's starting in memory to all run together.

but then, i also looked at the list of changes i recorded here for the new year, and well--i am not doing too badly with those. that gave me a flutter of hope that things are getting better. and they's kind of nice to have a list like that to which to refer when checking up on your own mental progress.

the point here is though--i am going to start writing again. i have been relying on facebook updates and the like to record my thoughts. and for a person who grew up journal writing and then maintained a blog for years, it turns out that it's not enough to just post a blurb here and there. there are rants to release! recipes to write! stuff to say! and who's going to say it if not me? certainly not the several million other bloggers on the internet... :-)

anyway--i'm back. i'm blogging. and imma keep on doing it.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

new year

i am not usually one for new year's resolutions, but there are some changes i want to make, and this seems as good a time to start as any. ready?

  1. stand up straight
  2. walk more
  3. keep a cleaner house
  4. get organized
  5. make at least one thing every month
  6. write more
  7. play with my children more
  8. take care of my man
that's it.

2013 sucked. this year will be better.