Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Southern Card® in tact for now

a few months ago, my friend sam threatened to revoke my Southern Card® because i had never made a cobbler of any kind. well--now i have! whoo hoo!

this past saturday, the hippie and i went out for the big breakfast at big ed's, and discovered a tiny farmer's market in the middle of downtown raleigh. there were these big beautiful peaches outside the door just calling to us. we investigated, and i walked away with peaches, baby lima beans, corn, a big fat gorgeous tomato, and plans to cook all weekend long! if i cooked this way every weekend, i would be as big as a house! but the late summer fruits and vegetables were just too much to resist. i made shrimp and grits and biscuits, a big breakfast with lots of bacon (food of the gods) and cheese grits and more biscuits, my own version of fried chicken, lima beans with onions and thyme, boiled corn, and i just sliced that tomato up and ate it plain--delicious. last night we ate leftovers, and i wasn't even sorry about it.

the weather this weekend was also just perfect--warm windy sunny days and cool nights, lower humidity than we have seen in months. nothing makes me want to nest more. the house is clean, the laundry is almost caught up, and i am ahead on christmas present making. got in some good quality porch time, too. i need about 8 more of these weekends, and i will be set.

oh, and let me say one note about bill neal's southern cooking, one of the greatest cookbooks of all time. he had a little write-up about making cobbler, and how his children grew up calling it "pig pie" because he always used pig-shaped cookie cutters to cut the biscuit dough to put on top of the fruit. i used a star--we can't ALL be bill neal.


jo said...

I need to understand this southern food more, esp now that my inlaws have up and moved to south carolina. I do love me some cobbler though!

How are ya doing?

jackie said...

hey jo--if you want lessons in Southern food, you have come to the right place! ask anything you want to. :)

i am going pretty well actually. a good laid back long weekend is very rejeuvenating! like i said--now i just need a few more of those...

Flaurella said...

Love cobbler! Blackberry, peach, blueberry, apple... I want some cobbler for my comfort food week.::sigh::

I always make cheese grits when DH makes all those extra grits for breakfast on weekends. The bum didn't fix me breakfast this weekend so alas, I have no cheese grits. Woe is me!

This might call for drastic measures. I could make scratch cheese grits and shrimp tomorrow night while DH is at the GATOR club with the fellas. Ha! That would be so very mean!! (bwahahaha!)