Monday, August 13, 2007

stupid car, redux

car has a oil leak that's going to cost me a bunch of smackers. suck. i'm getting to that point where i am like--the car is 10 years old and has almost 150k miles on it. it's sliding down the hill into old age and infirmity. when do i replace it? what to i replace it with?? a new honda civic? a used something or other? heh--a mini cooper??! i know i will end up with something practical and economical, because that's how i roll on the car thing. but man--i don't WANT a car payment! bleh! *whine*

dear car,

please last another year before you croak for good and please don't cost me thousands of dollars in the meantime. and if you could eject the tape you have eaten, i would really appreciate that as well. and also, please take a bath--you are NASTY!



gray la gran said...

it is nasty! i won't even touch the trunk for fear of grime transfer. heh heeeee :)

ps. don't look at the top of my truck.

Meredith said...

I can completely feel your car pain! My car, $900 later, is still not fully functional. And I have no AC. Boo.

jackie said...

yeah, if my AC goes, so does the car. i don't think i owuld make it through an NC summer with no AC in the car!

Em said...

Must be something in the water. I was running errands today and the car died. New starter is being installed as I type. "Starter" is such a clean, uncomplicated word that it seems like the repair should be inexpensive. Nope. Sadly, the repair place is somewhat marginal so I will still need to take the car somewhere soon for a bucket-o-cash's worth of preventative maintenance, thus necessitating an addition round of getting rides to and from the shop sans little folks. Cars are sucky.

Kristin said...

It must be a vehicle went into the shop on Mon. b/c the check engine light came on and remained on. Hubby is dealing with it....some part needed to be replaced (not the starter)...maybe an oxygen sensor or some other obscure, meaningless to my non-mechanical mind. All I know was that it was supposed to be DONE Tues., but the parts weren't all shipped. It is now Wed. and the said parts are still not here. In the summer I can go days...even a week without MY car (opting to drive Hubby's truck on the beach) BUT now that I am having to travel to Nags Head three days this week (120 miles round trip each day) the damn thing is sick!!! WAH WAH WAH whines the spoiled baby (aka: me). ;0)

Jenny said...

I LOVE my Honda Fit. If you do like Honda's and smaller cars, check it out. Its bigger than a Cooper and a Scion xA but smaller than a Toyota Matrix. My parents bought one too and they love it too. The mechanics (regular oil changes only) and the car heads I know all think its a pretty great car too.