Thursday, December 11, 2008

ten random notes

1. still hate herbal tea.
2. the kid is climbing stairs.
3. cookies? they're good. really good.
4. christmas tree is up.
5. work is slow. painful--feels like i am wasting time.
6. tired. teething sucks.
7. still need to buy christmas cards.
8. determined to finish 3 nearly finished felted bags that have been ready to felt for--oh--a couple of years now.
9. sucks when the whole family gets sick at once.
10. really want to knit a hat.

and as a bonus--a cute picture of the critter:


Em said...

He's gorgeous!

Stephanie said...

Love the Santa hat! Kieran is such a cutie : )

Anonymous said...

Put him in a box and rush ship him to me! LOL. knit a hat? did hippie tell you T wants one, like my green one, only red and black? no rush, sweetie, when you get time;)~denise

Becky G said...

So Jackie... He is a beautiful boy... Stairs at 7 months??? amazing: congrats & condolances.

Also, many, many thanks to you. I asked for a digital camera for Christmas & the good son & family provided; i joined ravelry (took 6 days to get invite!)have input some projects, library & joined a group or 2 and am going to try to give blogging a try.... came to yours again to get inspired.... Best to you in 2009!!