Monday, June 22, 2009

new toy!

flip ultraHD 120

this little video camera is my new favorite toy. i wish i had had it sooner! the hippie asked me when the critter was born if i thought we needed a video camera, and i was all--nah--i'll never use it. I COULD NOT HAVE BEEN MORE WRONG! i have a friend with this one, and as soon as i saw it i was beside myself with jealousy. and now--i have one too! yay! this thing came just in time for the weekend, and i think i made like 25 videos in a day and a half. HIGHLY recommend. this one is my favorite so far:


krisis said...

I bought one on lark a few months ago and have been inseparable from it every since. I never realized how many little pieces of my life I would love to easily capture on video. They've truly democratized a tool of production with the Flip.

As a two-month veteran, my two pieces of advice would be (1a) make up a good, logical naming system and (1b) consider an external hard drive (or a sturdy DVD binder) for saving videos long term, because you're going to start churning out a ton, as well as (2) get a USB extension cord, because that little pop out stick doesn't actually support the weight of the camera.

Anonymous said...

Smile, tears, smile! OK - the dang banks better get a move on cause i'm not staying away much longer!!! ~Kieran's Nanna

sgeddes said...

Very cool little toy! Did you buy it locally?