Saturday, August 29, 2009



this summer, we have had some lovely herbs planted along the front sidewalk that we've been using in all manner of thing. it's been awesome to just run out front and grab what i need, and it's saved me a fortune. i found, however, that i didn't really use the parsley all that much. so when these fabulous huge yellow and black caterpillars moved in and started to chomp it up, we let them have at it. this photo is a testament to a) how awesome my camera is, and b) how much we've enjoyed these visitors to the yard. the parsley is gone as of a few days ago, and all these caterpillars are off being big swallowtail butterflies now. so cool.

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Flaurella said...

I scooped one of these out of the pool last week that was at least 5 inches long and weighed at least 8 ounces. I AM NOT KIDDING! Never have I seen one that large in my LIFE!

Flaurella ~ with her yard alive with butterflies!