Thursday, July 12, 2012

finn is two!

i can't BELIEVE finn is two today! this birthday has snuck up on me a bit in the midst of all the family upheaval related to kaiya's arrival, her mom's departure, and all the ensuing preparations and adjustments we are all still making. finn's so laid back, however--he's just sailing on through. here's what he looked like eating breakfast this morning:

happy second birthday breakfast to finn!

finn is the child of my heart--he is sweet and cuddly and fun. he's a beast and a brute, and he has the cutest giggle in the universe. there's much i could say, but it would all be gushing because i just love him so much. so instead of boring you to tears with all my Proud Mommy Ramblings, i'm just going to show you a bunch of awesome pics of the cuteness. :-)


easter eggs



tide pool



it's hard to look at all these and believe that just two years ago, we were here:


time truly flies. happy birthday to my dear, sweet, chubby, cheeky boy!

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