Thursday, October 21, 2004

rant: technophobia

god spare me from technophobes!

why is it that otherwise intelligent people cannot understand that an email subject line like, "Re: Campk: Digest#506" is utterly totally useless? change the fucking subject line--it takes like two seconds at most! further, please get it through your headls that if you hit "reply" on an email to a listserve, you are replying to the ENTIRE LIST! how hard is it to change the "to" field to the person you actually intend to email? come on!

get your voicemail set up on your cell phones people! read those instructions, and put some numbers in there. if you hate call waiting, why do you have it? and if you have it, why don't you know how to use it? learn how to change to the other line if someone is calling. if you buy a universal remote, program the damned thing. if you don't have a cell phone, then for god's sake, get a fucking answering machine!

and WHY WHY WHY am i FAXING stuff on PAPER all over the place within the SOFTWARE company i work for?????

technophobia. it rankles.

you are excused form all this ranting if you are over 65. otherwise, get with the program.

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