Monday, June 04, 2007

knitting notes from the weekend...

finally this weekend, i managed to spend some time with my yarn. NEW yarn, no less! THK ended up not working on saturday (for once!), so we made a little roadtrip down to southern pines to visit bella filati again. she took pity on me and drove so that i could knit--a true friend. i came away with a copy of favorite socks, some blue heron beaded rayon yarn (in blueberry) with which i will make a baltic sea stole (more on that in a later post), and a bunch of rowan hand knit cotton with which i will make a whole slew of wash cloths for my guest bathroom. i got a little leisure arts booklet of baby washcloth patterns, and immediately made a butterfly. but then, the butterfly was so cute, i wanted a dragonfly to go with it WAY more than i wanted a stork or a baby bottle. i wanted it badly enough that i just stole the construction and drew my own. i know it's a bit silly to be so excited about designing a washcloth, especially when the construction isn't my own--but people, i just LOVE it! look how cute it is! now i need to make more garden critters and flowers and stuff--i am going to knit through all my cotton in no time. and then i am thinking maybe i will try drawing some shells and sea things for my own bathroom, too. i am fired up about wash cloths all of a sudden. :)

yarn bowl

yarn bowl
in other knitting news, check out my new knitting bowl! THK gave this to me a few weeks ago to try out. her friend leanne, who is an awesome potter and painter designed these and made a couple for us to try and critique. they have little holes in the end that you can thred your yarn through so you can keep multiple strands from tangling, but i haven't tried that yet. so far, the bowl part is working great at keeping the cat hair out of my cotton! these little 50g balls of cotton fit well in the bowl, but i think it might be a little small for anything much larger. i am still checking it out, though--we'll see... in the mantime, i LOVE the bowl itself. it's so pretty and such an interesting knitting accessory. THK put pictures of hers on her blog, too--check them out.

i have managed to finish up a couple of other long ongoing projects, too, but i haven't taken pictures yet. soon...


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Allegra said...

I love dragonflies! they are beautiful! Nice job on the washcloths.......and that first comment about the pattern-a-day is pretty cool too!

Amy M said...

Um, wow! How good does that dragonfly look!
I think these designs, if they aren't already there, could easily be scaled to an 8x8" square. Isn't one of your friends doing quilts with squares?
Hope everything with the showcase went well!

painter girl said...

Thanks Jackie for trying out the bowl. I am glad that you like using it for smaller projects. I have good intentions on making bigger bowls for you and THK to try but with the show coming I am so far behind.
I think your washcloths are just beautiful. I can't wait to see the ones that you come up with.
Hopefully one day soon we will get to meet in person!