Wednesday, February 21, 2007

what's up?

bella filati, wall of sock yarn!

noro lust
spent most of this past weekend thinking about yarn. and you tell me, folks--when's that ever a bad thing? first off, THK and i made a little road trip down to bella filati, a yarn store in southern pines that specializes in high end yarn--my favorite. i've been trying to make it down to this store for an age or so, and now that i finally got there, i can tell you first hand that it ROCKS! i will definitely be going back. i have failed to take any pictures of my new yarn (one skein of which has already become a finished object--more on that in another post), primarily due to my failure to clean off my camera card before we went down there. oops. but anyway--we had a very pleasant drive, a wonderful experience at the yarn store, which was filled with wonders and very friendly and helpful people. i came VERY close to coming home with this entire bin of noro kureyon (#188), with which i desperately want to make a lizard ridge blanket, version two. but luckily they were 3 balls shy of a full blanket (heh--that sounds funny, like i just said, "not te sharpest tool in the shed" or, "not the brightest star in the sky"--but that's not what i mean!), which saved me from having to buy it right there on the spot! i admit i am now scouting around for this yarn cheaper on the web. and leave it to THK--she found a place that has 20+ balls in stock for about $6/50 a ball. i am still scared to click "purchase" given that i am makine many other major purchases in the very near future. but i digress... anyway--the store is way cool--y'all should go.

sam's green bag
meanwhile, at home, i FINALLY got my shit together and mailed the sam what is possibly the latest christmas gift in recorded history, which contained the second latest. *sigh* i am so bad, y'all. i have all these great ideas, and i am even good at executing them. and i love giving stuff to people--probably 80% of my knitting goes to other houses when it's done. but for some reason--and i have no IDEA why this is--i just can't get the shit in the mail. sam, i hope you know how much i love you. you can't take my slackness as a sign of no love, people--it's just the way i am. and i really AM sorry! but all the same, i LOVE this bag i finally mailed to the sam (christmas gift 2005), in which i packed a lovely wrapped gift (christmas gift 2006). notice how the wrapping paper on the gift matches the bag? that was an accident, but how cool! next up--maybe meredith will get something in the mail i gave to her--oh--over a year ago. it's been ready to mail for a long, long time. *sigh* hopefully i will do better this year!

garter stitch baby cardigan (1 of 2), wip
and last, but not least, did i mention that my friend kimmie is having twins this year? well--she IS. and how exciting and scary is that, people! i am overwhelmed for her. esp considering she will have a newly walking toddler about the time these babies are ready to come out. whew! anyway--this requires a knitter to get her shit together early! i will be making not one, but two garter stitch baby cardigans for these babies--one in green and one in blue. these colors are chosen since kimmie's electing not to discover the genders of the babies--i tried to pick muted colors either gender can wear with pride. i started with blue in honor of project spectrum. i am a little less than half way done with this one--it's ready to divide for the neck and the front portions. whoo hoo! my baby count is up to eight for this year. this makes for a long toDo list for this knitter. good thing i LOVE it!


gray la gran said...

whooo hoooo ! jackie posted!
my eyes are so tired ... but, i digress ...
yay! pictures of bella filati! and man, that noro looks so yummy! why don't you let them find the other three balls for you?
and, i need to see the silk bag.
okay, tired, need to preheat the bed, got some fish today, and lost comes on in an hour.
hasta luego!
senorita gris

Laura said...

Oh thank GOD. I am not the only person who can't get things in the mail. I am HORRIBLE!!

Girl, I honestly have stuff in my kitchen waiting to be mailed out that was promised about... oh, nearly a year ago. Nearly a year. Ten months - no less. It's embarrassing. But when I finally confess I'm definitely linking to you since... you know... I'm not the only one. heh :) xoxox

Anonymous said...

yay! the babies will love their little sweaters from aunt jackie! i hope this doesn't change or disrupt anything for you (because i love green and blue), but we have decided to find out the sexes of the two little ones - we should be able to do that in a month or so. we just decided that the curiousity would kill us! as i said above, PLEASE don't let that change a thing for you - the babies (and me and scott) will adore whatever you send. just yesterday, we had a play date at our house with three little babies hanging out, drooling, and playing on the floor which included the pink blanket you made for caroline. it's soft and fuzzy now and we LOVE it! take care, kimmie (p.s. -we're scared and excited and nervous and more excited too - it will be Baby Central here!)

Jenny M said...

I so wanted to stop there when I was coming back to GA from Raliegh. But it was Sunday and they were closed. I also tried the store in Carrboro, but they weren't open till one and it was 10:30. :(

I'll definatetly try to make this a place to visit the next time I'm in Raleigh.