Saturday, February 24, 2007


yep. got the key, and am getting ready to head over the the new house to start painting. yesterday we did a walk-through and then went to lunch with our fabulous realtor, then closed without a hitch. we met jenn and gabriella afterwards for a tour of the house and some paint swatch viewings. i have picked out colors for nearly every room, and gotten approval from the hippie for my choices. now, it's off to lowes to buy a gajillion dollars worth of paint and get movin'. it's gonna be a busy month year, people.


Flaurella said...


What a special day. You will remember it always -- your first house.

Here's to your happy new home!

Allegra said...

Congratulations on the home! Have lots of fun painting and making it yours. I think I've come across the house that could be "the one", so I'm pretty excited!

gray la gran said...


Anonymous said...

YAY!!!! :D

Save some painting for me....can't wait to see you--and the house!