Thursday, February 22, 2007


boob cake
last night at dance class, there was a boob cake. i'm not sure i really need to say anything more about that--it kind of speaks for itself.


Allegra said...

whoa! kind of a shock when you see the picture right away!!

Laura said...

uhhh..... what kinda dance class're you takin??

gray la gran said...

what did it taste like? ;)

jackie said...

allegra, it was definitely shocking in person, too!

laura, we're taking ballroom dance--we have been for almost two years, with the same class from the beginning, so we all know each other really well. :)

and THK, well--we didn't get to eat it. our friend amy makes cakes on the side, and made this one for a 50th birthday party another woman in our class was throwing for a friend. pretty funny, really. :)

gray la gran said...

amy made this? well, high five amy when you see her next!

Anonymous said...! My absolute FAVORITE style of cake! Drooling with a deliciously dual thought.. :D -TC