Friday, February 09, 2007


i have long gazed fondly upon the fabulous, often vintage embroidery over on jane's site, and wondered if i would be able to do it myself. i love digging through the embroidered table cloths and tea towels and pillow cases at antique stores, and i always wish i could make them myself. so why don't i? i would definitely have to start from scratch--i did a tiny bit of embroidery as a child, but have not really tried it since i was maybe 10 years old. so the other night, i met my friend emily for tea and knitting, and it's been so long since we managed to get together that she surprised me with a christmas present! now i have this beautiful little kit, which was recommended on someone's blog ages ago (i can't remember whose--if it's you, speak up!), and i can't wait to try it. i am thinking of something maybe for project spectrum, one of the goals of whish is to try a new craft with some color focus--this seems perfect for that. a new embroidered tea towel for my new house perhaps?


gray la gran said...

stitch it!
you could also make cool coasters for beverages ... cute little themes with olives, celery or grapes :)

... yes, "adult" beverages ;)

Anonymous said...

Gma is quite the embroiderer. i have many memories of her stitching away in the evenings and she has many lovely things. it's in the genes, i guess, cause great gma did too and that was the one thing i insisted on having when she was gone - her embroidered doilies:) so, stitch away - you're part of the family, carry on the tradition, cause you know i don't, LOL. love you~pseudo-momxxoo