Thursday, February 22, 2007


the bella filati haul:

pippi kneestockings yarn
this brown sheep nature spun isn't my yarn. well--i gues it's SORT OF my yarn. i bought this for the hippie because he's obsessed with making me some pippi kneestockings. not that i am complaining--i will LOVE some pippi kneestockings. i just think it's funny that i am picking out yarn for him to use to knit somehting for me. seems like cheating. anyway. i thought i would choose brighter colors, but bella filati didn't have a ton of choices in this particular yarn. plus, once i saw it, i really liked this combo. i think it'll be awfully cute with some black mary janes. :)

embossed leaves socks yarn
i will be copying THK with this liisu wool and mohair yarn in solid stealth black. she's been making the embossed leaves socks from inteweave knits using this yarn, and i am jealous enough that i plan to make a pair of my own. nothing like stealing your ideas from someone else! i hope she's flattered and not annoyed, esp since i am also sstealing her latest trekking socks colorway--it just came in the mail today (along with another yarn that's not for me).

lorna's laces jeans sock yarn
i took one look at this colorway from lorna's laces, and thought--that would make an awesome pair of socks to wear with jeans. and lo and behold, that's the name of the color--great minds and all that. i have no particular sock pattern in mind for these. i just know they're going to become fabulous socks. there was another color i liked just as much, but alas--my purse would only allow for one. i chose this one over the other in honor of project spectrum's blue and grey colors. maybe i'll start something out of these in march. we'll see. if there's one thing i have learned. it's not to promise anything with regard to the timing of my knottong projects. it'll happen when i get around to making it happen.

debbie bliss pure silk
and last, but not least, here are two wonderful skeins of debbie bliss pure silk. i have been looking around for some reasonably priced silk with which to make some little lavender sachet bags. this is a weightier silk than i originally wanted, but i LOVE how it feels. this is the one i HAD to knit with immediately. as you see, one bag is made and is in severe need of blocking. i am planning to hit ornamentea, a wonderful local bead shop, for some cool silk ribbon to tie this little bag up with. and then i just need to make a little muslin pouch to fill with lavender and slip inside the bag. this one's for me, but i am going to make the purple one for my new guest room. and i THINK i may be able to get two bags from each skein--if that turns out to be true, i will probably include the extras with some of this year's baby gifts.

there are not enough hours in the day for all the knitting i want to do! nor are there enough dollars in my wallet for all the yarn i want to buy. i guess this is a pretty common problem among knitters. *sigh*

ok, i gotta shut up and get my butt in the bed. we're closing on the house tomorrow--i need all my beauty sleep so i look good for the lawyers. :)

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sgeddes said...

Great selections. You know it is funny we haven't run into each other before at a yarn shop or Ornamentea! I uused to bead alot before I started knitting.