Wednesday, July 11, 2007


it's summer alright. i can tell by how days and days go by without me writing any blog posts, and i end up SHOCKED and APPALLED that i have been so slack. but then the truth is that i have NOT been slack--i have just been running my ass ragged. we have the hippie's family in this week, so i have been focussed on them and not my own pursuits. in fact, we've put the hippie's baby brother, who is only 10 years old (almost 11!) into camp here for two weeks, so we'll have him till the 21st. so far, he's liking camp, which is awesome--he's been home schooled till now and hasn't spent a ton of time with other children, so the camp thing was either going to be pure love or pure hate. i am so glad for him that it seems to be LOVE! hopefully this will help him adjust to going to a public school this fall--just being on a tight schedule is something of a shock to his system. it's kind of funny, having this kid in the house--i feel like an insta-parent a little bit. i am sure that feeling is going to get worse when his mother leaves tomorrow. heh, maybe this is good for me, too! we'll see--ask me in a week! :)

in other news--DAMN, it's hot! thank the sweet baby jesus for air conditioning.

in still other news--those rocking chairs are getting a WORKOUT. it already seems like there aren't enough of them. and we should have gotten a smaller one for G--that's clear.

in knitting-related news--i am back to work on the sweaters for kimmie's soon-to-be-born babies, since thery are you know, soon-to-be-born. the blue one's almost done... the green one's yet to be begun. poor neglected baltic sea stole. poor neglected project spectrum. poor sock, resting in it's cool dark bag waiting for october when i have decided i will knit socks and nothing else. poor bags in need of felting. poor ella's hoodie that's ben done except for sewing up the casing for--oh--about 7 months. do all knitters have this problem?

and last but not least, a moment of extreme sadness for crazy aunt purl--laurie's lost her sweet kitty, roy, and every time i think about it, i start to cry. i keep reliving the horrible day when my mean josephina died in my lap. losing a pet just blows, especially when one has seen you through a lot of time and rough patches. hugs for laurie today, people.

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gray la gran said...

hugs for all our furry babies :) and the ones with scales tooooo !