Friday, July 20, 2007

you can't make this stuff up

today i made a ninja strike on the grocery store to get tampons. ii saw this great bottle of wine we like on mega sale (ravenswood sonoma county old vine zinfandel—yum!), so of course i grabbed it. as an afterthought, i added a couple of those hershey's dark chocolate and almond nugggets. so i went to get in the checkout line. there were two women in front of me.

the first woman was buying the following: a six-pack of bud, a box of kotex maxi pads, and a 2-pound bag of peanut M&M's.

the second one was buying a 4-pack of peach wine coolers, a box of tampax tampons, and a snickers bar.

and then me.


and now, we're on the road to PA to deliver the kid back home. the kid's in a foul, foul mood, angry to be leaving in spite of having declared that he wanted to stay another week. can you believe how MEAN we are?!

the trip is being made easier by the spontaneous last-minute purchase of the audio book of harry potter and the order of the phoenix. the book? 75 bucks. the peace? priceless!

ps—writing from my phone, so please forgive my typos. (not that y'all aren't used to those...)


Kristin said...

the book is WAY better than the movie.....Bailey and I are going to a "party" tonight to get book 7. we are being losers and dressing as muggles. i cannot remember the last time i was getting ready to go somewhere at this time of night. does that make me an even BIGGER loser?! have a safe trip!!

Laura said...

Girl I can't believe you wrote all that from your PHONE!!! I wouldn't have.

Funny story about getting tampons and chocolate. hehe

Anonymous said...

you all are priceless crystals of perfection(I'm including all the friends:)~pseudo-mom-in-law, mother of the hippie and the kid:)

Flaurella said...

LOL about the grocery line! I always look to see what the person in front of me buys, as does the person behind me. It's a sort of pantry snooping that women cannot resist. Universal grocery groping.

Ghads! I can't even figure out how to retrieve my messages let alone blog from the cell phone. Gack. I am hopeless.

FoopWorm! That's my word verification on this post. ha!

Amy R. said...

That is a GREAT story!!! I laughed out lead and read it to my just can't make that stuff up!

Anne Kenealy Lindenfeld said...

Wine and chocolate can cure just about anything. At least in my book.

My heart goes out to you. As the official boy wrangler in my family (how many nephews can they send to live on the fold-out sofa in my office?), I have seen some pre-teen pouts in my time. This is when I typically find LOADS of yardwork that NEEDS immediate attention.

Anything looks better after a couple hours of weed-pulling, even a dissapppointing aunt.

gray la gran said...

yay! i got to talk with you today!!! yay!
funny story ... didn't you tell the woman that wine coolers are so 80's ?!

Amanda said...

Been lurking but must comment on your experience I was laughing so hard.I had a similar experience in college, except my cart had platex, hostess chocolate cupcakes (with the little white swirl), cigarettes (back before I knew any better) and zima (zomething different) but then I ran into the cute RA from the dorm who peeked at the contents of my basket (so embarrassing.)