Thursday, January 31, 2008

news from the couch

ok, so all in all, i have been pretty lucky in this pregnancy. i am healthy as a horse, and the baby is big and active as hell. i have had some hurling, but not so much as to make me insane. and i have been tired, but not disfunctional--i even manage to get to the grocery store and make dinner still. i'd love more sleep, but that's really always been the case. yesterday, i had the evil glucose tolerance test where i had to go in and drink a (warm) 10-oz bottle of what tasted like hawaiian punch with about 4 extra cups of sugar dissolved in it on an empty stomach. when this made me feel kind of off, i can't say i was surprised. but it seems that i have contracted a THING. a THING of the stomach variety that has required me to spend the day working from my couch and eating nothing but plain carbs, salt, and gincger ale. all i can say is, it better go away soon.

in other baby news, the doctors claim everything with him is awesome, and that he will be big. they tell me i need to register at the hospital soon, which freaks me out. we start childbirth classes in less than two weeks. we're entering the home stretch over here, and it's just still bizarre as hell to me. i have lost back the one pound i gained, so that's interesting. considering that my uterus weighs about 6 pounds, the placenta another 6 or so, the baby about 2 and a half or 3, the amniotic fluid a couple of pounds, and the fact that i have about 150% of my normal blood, that all means that my actual body is probably the lightest it's been in like 10 years. that just ain't right.

my friend emily reminds me to get as much done now as i can, as i will have a permanent houseguest coming in april. i love her description of having a new baby in the house:
Well, in truth it's initially like having a really inconsiderate college roommate--up all night, loud partying, never cleans up after himself...fortunately the cuteness factor and the "I made this person myself" factor ameliorate the bad roommate effects...
i've always said the cuteness is what saves them. thank god for that.


sgeddes said...

Exciting! It is getting so close.

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, the dread GTTs. literally had like half a dozen of those with the hippie. the 5 hour kind with your choice of either icky orange or icky purple. fortunately, with the sister and little bro they were cut down to just a few:) my condolences, it goes with having big babies - the docs don't believe we just do that naturally, LOL. T and I have been on the couch too, with the flu, not stomach, everything else, both still hacking up a lung! wish dan could get home so he could fix the dang furnace! Can't wait to hold that "little" guy! tell all the friends to buy at least 3mos old gifts - or more. my prayers for your tummy in both cases:) love and kisses to ya both~denise

Anonymous said...

glad you are surviving - YES, get as much done as you can now. the "i'm so behind; i have so much to do" feeling that you have pre-parenthood is nothing compared to the one you have post-parenthood. i remember feeling so busy and like i had so much on my plate before i had babies, and now i just laugh (or cry depending on the day). the GTT - mine looked like watered down orange gatorade and tasted much less appetizing. the cuteness factor really is the saving grace - on a regular basis, i'm usually ready to sell one of them to the gypsies, but they do make us smile so! hope your tummy is feeling better and that you guys are enjoying the weekend - do something fun, like get together with friends for the superbowl - take advantage of ALL social opportunities now! not that they won't be there post-kieran; they'll just be a little different! love ya, kimmie