Thursday, February 07, 2008

notes on the belly

i am a little in love with the belly. i admit it. i catch glimpses of myself in the mirror, and i see this body that's not altogether my own, and it's oddly thrilling. it's not somehting i ever expected, and certainly not something i expected from the hippie either. but it's true--he's a little in love with the belly, too. we've hit the land shark phase. the baby is moving around in there all the time, and i can see it as well as feel it. little jabs and hops and flutters that are just amazing to watch. it's bizarre, of course, and i feel a little like a character in alien, but it's awesome, too. my little guy is in there, rolling and kicking and turning, and letting me know he's ok. the hippie hugs me, and he hugs the belly. he asked me what he was going to do when the belly was gone. he lays his hand on me and he says, come on baby--kick your daddy. and the baby does.

on many levels, pregnancy sucks--i am so tired, and my back aches, and i have the immune system of a newborn kitten, so i keep getting sick and staying sick. but on another level, it doesn't suck at all. there is a joy in it, this growing of a life in my body. it's amazing and humbling, and i think some part of me will be sad and miss it when it's over and the baby is on the outside. it's still hard for me to believe it's happening at all, this surprise baby that's come to us when i am 38 years old and had pretty well given up on the whole thing. i am terrified of it on so many levels. but i am happy, too. finally, at this later stage in the pregnancy, i am starting to be less worried and more happy.


Allegra said...

pregnant bellies are the best. they're weird, but they're great! so glad you are able to enjoy your pregnancy, despite how tough it is! it is ALL SO WORTH IT!!!! believe me!

Kristin said...

you describe pregnancy so makes a part of me yearn for a home with a baby...but then the reality of it all kicks in and i am thankful and thrilled for the stages we are presently experiencing: a little boy learning how to read and write, thrilled to skate & surf and exert his newly found independence; a not-so-little girl on the verge of being a teenager, complete with braces, bras, and a completely different level of independence. where is all this time going?!