Tuesday, February 26, 2008

finally, a finished object!

eyelet baby blanket, FO

eyelet baby blanket, detail
at long last, i have finished knitting a baby blanket for my own baby. after countless fluffy basket weave blankets (which i still love, by the way), i decided to knit something different for myself. this is a simple eyelet blanket from a pattern written by the owner of my LYS. the pattern has two versions, for worsted or chunky yarn, but the designer knitted it at a gauge that was just way too loose for me. i sort of combined the two, and knitted the worsted pattern with chunky yarn on needles that were kind of in the middle. this is 7 (i think) skeins of encore chunky on US size 10.5 lantern moon destiny needles. (love these needles, by the way, mainly for the way the cable swivels at the join. i bought them just to try them, but they are truly awesome, and now, i am afraid i may be hooked.) i am really happy with how this came out. i haven't washed it yet, but that's the next step. of course, it took about 30 seconds for fergus to claim it for himself.


Allegra said...

very sweet blanket. i love the color. i am getting the urge to knit Satya a blanket. She has a ton, but none that mommy made!

Mom2Schnauzers said...

LOVE that blanket! Perfect combination of textures/gauge/color...Can you pls share the name of the pattern/lys...how we can get a hold of it? Thx!

jackie said...

the pattern is just called eyelet baby blanket. the author is mary stowe, one of the owners of great yarns in raleigh, nc. i am not sure how you could get it online, but i am sure they would be glad to sell you one over the phone--i think it was 5 bucks. here's the website: http://www.yarnsetc.com/indexGY.html

Mom2Schnauzers said...

Many thanks!