Thursday, February 28, 2008

dear sick coworker,

GO HOME! quit hacking up your lung in my healthy (for now) vicinity. i'm serious. get your shit out of the office before you give all of us the plague. have mercy on my weak pregnant immune system. thanks!



Em said...

Also, in the interest of keeping your microbes to yourself, please refrain from using my phone or my computer keyboard. And finally, if you must brown bag it, consider the impact of odoriferous choices like tuna fish on your co-workers.

erica said...

I wish my coworkers had all stayed home when they were sick so that I wouldn't be home sick yesterday and today feeling like my skin was going to crawl off of my body. We'd tell said coworkers to stay home and several of them said, "I'm tired of being home but I'm not really feeling much better." Would you want to walk up to a desk at the library if someone looked like they had the plague? I think not.

For your sake, I hope sick coworker goes home soon!!

Anne Lindenfeld said...

For whatever reason, here in DC staying home sick or with your sick kids is so, well, de classe. At my son's preschool, the director actually began sending home directives that sick kids (especially ones with strep) were required to stay home. You'd think she'd told parents to eat raw chicken.

I chalk this up to what happens when the density of law degrees in a single locale gets too high.

Kristin said...

Keeping in the spirit.....does anyone know how to get a wad of dried phlegm off a computer keyboard? Apparently one of my little lovelies sneezed a gallon of mucus during his/her computer time and failed to tell anyone. Now, well, I really don't want to discuss the state of the keyboard.....YUCK!

gray la gran said...

ewwwww !!! i feel your pain .... as in the woman who came into my place of employment, sneezed into her hand, swiped her nose, and then grabbed up my project to admire!!!! shit! kooties!!!

i had me some chicken noodle soup. lots. too much. it was too good. i am a bicho-barrier. seriously.

chin up, kooties be gone, phlegm (sp?) (ick!) be gone!