Friday, August 01, 2008

tea merchant 101

tea merchant 101

beehouse teapots

cup of masala chai

honey and accoutrements

me and my tea
while we were in pennsylvania last week, we went to a lovely tea shop in duncansville called tea merchant 101. from what i gather, the owner, joseph doyle mixes his own teas and does this mainly as a hobby. he teaches classes on tea, the history of tea, etc. thus the name, tea 101. i can't say enough about how wonderful the shop was. it was small enought o feel intimate, but large enough to hold 101 varieties of tea. there was a good mix of white, black, and green teas as well as rooibos and herbal blends. he had the biggest selection of beehouse teapots i have ever seen, and plenty of other accoutrements as well--honey, jams, tea pots, bags for loose teas, etc. all beautifully presented and obviously selected with care. the owner was friendly and helpful and delighted to see us. the hippie and i went a bit nuts and bought a gajillion types of tea, as well as a tea pot.

while we were there, a huge storm rolled in right as the baby decided it was time to eat, so we stayed for a cup of tea and possibly the best coconut macarron i have ever had. the hippie had a lovely scone, and his mom had a fabulous little snickerdoodle. we all tried different teas so that we could taste them all. the service, tea, and food was all just great.

the whole experience was delicious--there were only two small details i would change if i could. 1) i firmly believe that a tea shop or any place that serves tea should have milk. little plastic things of half-n-half just don't cut it for me. and 2) i would like some type of cream and jam with my scone rather than just honey. for the full experience, i really think you need some devon double or clotted cream.

bottom line though--this place is a wonderful hidden treasure! if you are ever in the area, i would HIGHLY recommend stopping in for a stress relieving visit and a wonderful, fragrant cup of tea! also, joe will ship tea anywhere, and if you are a fan, i recommend both his english and scottish breakfast blends--some of the best i have ever had.

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gray la gran said...

holy crap! where have i been?!

... so much to digest :)

how about a tea kettle? (and look at those teapots !!!!)

see you sunday :D

Allegra said...

ah, what a great post. tea is what brought us together, remember? that was a great swap! i think i'll go make myself a cup right now!
i've loved seeing the pictures of your babe. i hope you guys are doing well!