Wednesday, August 06, 2008

three months

three months old

last thursday, kieran turned three months old. time is totally flying over here, and i swear, he gets more fun every single day. he's met all his grandparents but one, and they all love him. he's a hit at parties, and enjoys spending his weekdays in the company of his wonderful nanny, jennifer. he sleeps between 8 and 9 hours at night pretty consistenly with 3 or 4 naps during the day. very predictable. mostly. (of course, now that i said that, he's going to stay up all night tonight!) he smiles at everyone and is friendly and engaging. he babbles and coos and "talks" to us all the time. he cries when he's hungry or tired or needs a hug or a change of scene. otherwise, he's happy all the time.

the critter's physical development is a little scary. he has kind of unreal upper body strength for a three-month-old baby. he can pull himself slowly across the floor toward a thing he wants to get. he's able to roll over from front to back at will, and then he gets stuck on his back like a little turtle. he's THIS CLOSE to rolling back, but he still doesn't quite get that he need to tuck his little arm in to roll over. and boy--does it make him MAD! he likes to be UP and SEE and LOOK at everything! twice now, he's gone from being kind of propped into a sitting position to sitting on his own with his hands on the floor in front of him. he likes to "stand", putting most of his weight on his feet and holding onto our fingers. i fear the kid's going to be walking by 8 months. SCARY!

mostly i just can't believe how lucky we are. i pray every day this luck holds out and that he keeps on trucking in such a great fashion. he's really an awesome baby, if i do say so myself. :)

no, i am not biased at all...why do you ask?

kieran likes: looking at the cats, grabbing soft things and putting them in his mouth, shaking rattles, eating!, his daddy's voice, snuggling into my neck, music, mirrors, reading books with me (he stares at the words and tries to turn pages), bathtime

kieran dislikes: when i am not quick enough at latching him on, being tired, not being able to get to a toy he wants, being in a dirty diaper, wearing socks

we call him: the baby, kieran grey, the critter (when speaking about him), critter critter (when speaking to him), that handsome devil, the kraken, little man, buddy (his daddy calls him that)


Anonymous said...

Isn't it such fun watching him develop? I was constantly in awe of my daughter--loved & appreciated each phase, never got tired of seeing her discover things or seeing her personality blossom. She's 18 now and of course their were phases that were more, um, challenging shall we say, but my overwhelming & predominant feeling of it is "WOW! This has been such an amazing ADVENTURE!"

And oh yes, it sounds like he's on his way to early walking. Mine skipped crawling completely and went straight to walking upright, adamantly refusing assistance at 7 and a half months. I kept looking at her and thinking she was still too small for that. And she was! I had to hunch/slouch to be able to hold her hand!

I love how much you are loving it!


Anonymous said...

how beautiful he is! don't you love having a little baby boy? my matthew is an absolute delight - we call him Mr. Man, mattchu, and my personal favorite, "bubba." wathcing these little people develop has got to be one of the greatest joys and discoveries of my life. glad you and jason are appreciating it to the fullest! love, kimmie