Tuesday, January 06, 2009

ah, 2009...

some thoughts on the last year:

so glad that i have a happy and healthy family and a great village in which to bring up a baby. so in love with that baby and his daddy, it's not even funny. so grateful to have a job, a house i love, two kitties i love, and a neighborhood i love. i have plenty (too much!) to eat and clean water to drink. there are many people in this world i love and who love me. i feel so lucky! i feel so lucky, i almost feel guilty about how much more i have than so many people in the world. i am blessed.

this past year hasn't been all fun and games, and it's been one of the biggest adjustments of my life so far. i am sure that's not over--we are continuing to find our groove with each other as a family and to re-prioritize all our stuff. but overall, it's been a good year--a great one, even. the hardest thing has been time--i never ever feel like there's enough.

for 2009, i have more overhanging goals than resolutions.

i'd like to focus the first two months of this year on finishing up with all the loose end things hanging over my head, so that for the rest of the year, i can focus on enrichment, personal development for all of us, and play.

in january,
  • i'm going to hang the aplhabet cards i got for the critter's room.
  • i'm going to get all packages in need of mailing into the mail.
  • i'm going to organize the crawl spaces.
  • i'm going to trim the crepe myrtle tree.
in february,
  • i'm going to finish all the almost-finished knitting projects (there are a few...)
  • i'm going to finish my massive flower bed overhaul.
  • i'm going to do my level best to get two trees planted--a redbud and a dogwood.
  • i'm going to get my studio organized.
general goals for myself for 2009:
  • spend more time in the studio.
  • focus on debt riddance.
  • walk more.
  • try yoga.
  • read more.
  • spend more time outside.
knitting goals for 2009:
  • finish kerstin's hat!!!
  • make the critter a sweater.
  • finish and felt 3 almost finished bags.
  • pick up the baltic sea stole again.
  • get started on a sweater for the hippie.
  • make hats for the critter, the hippie, tristan, and amy p.
  • make baby gifts for 3 babies.
  • start on a blanket for my house.
note: i have all the yarn i need for all of the above projects. and more.

two possible big-ass long-term house and home things:
1) ditch all the carpet and put in bamboo flooring?
2) puppy?

and last, but definitely not least, this is a year when i want to do something to give something back to the world. i need to live greener and lessen my footprint on this earth. and i really want to do something for others this year, whether it's volunteering or knitting for charity or what--something. suggestions are welcome.


Amy M said...

Let me know if you need any help with the first two months - I'm pretty good at none of it, but can critter wrangle or something.

Anonymous said...

That is quite a list of things you want to accomplish in 2009--I'm really impressed! I'm not nearly that together.

I like your plan to finish up knitting projects. I should do the same thing. I have several things I haven't picked up in months!