Wednesday, January 07, 2009

in for it

so it turns out that we have a crazy baby. he's 8 months old now--time flies. and lately his favorite activity is what the hippie and i refer to as, "gettin' into some shit." last night while i was out knitting, the hippie was on point. he turned his back for a moment, only to turn back and find this:

naughty baby

it's a blurry as hell picture, but i think it gets the point across.

the kid wanted a music box that was too high to reach on the living room book shelf. so he took an emptly diaper box (one of his favorite things), pushed it over to the shelf, climbed up on it, and helped himself to the lovely little hand carved music box i have had since i was 8. naughty.

this problem solving thing he's got going on is a little scary. as is the climbing. whew.


Anonymous said...

ROFL!!! I love it:) Yeah, that getting into shit,problem solving thing...HOW do you kill a hornet on the screen door? WHAT do you do when your sister locks you out? Here we go! Just the uplifting laf I needed today in the middle of the storm,etc. Hugs n kisses to all of you~The Nannaxox7

Laura said...

OH my gosh Jackie!! He's so adorable! And such a pill!

One of my children (only one, thank Heaven) was a climber like that. At 8 months she climbed a book shelf to get to the giant container of animal cracker/cookies that I put up there because I thought it would be out of her reach! ARG! Nearly gave me a heart attack! She was also the one I found sitting in the middle of the kitchen table within about a week. Keeps you on your toes. hehe

Happy New Year!!! XOXOXOXOX