Tuesday, February 23, 2010

pregnancy update: snakes, snails, and quilts

19 weeks, 5 days

so it's taken me a few days to get around to posting anything, because well--life is busy. and also--hello? i'm pregnant and tired. but anyway. the level 2 ultrasound was last thursday, and it was all good. we're having another boy, which is really bittersweet for me. i am happy for the critter to get a little brother, and i'm REALLY glad to have a healthy and normal baby above all things. but it's hard to let go of the idea of ever having a girl. it was a little bit this way when i found out the critter was a boy, too, but then, there was at least the possibility that we would have another baby. this time, we really hope to be done. so this time, it's really the last chance for a girl. and while i love my boy, and i love the idea of two of them running around together, and while i love the bond that brothers share, there is a part of me that will always mourn the loss of pigtails and dresses and ribbons, and a daughter who might have loved my grandmother's china. this is life, right? greener grass and all that. all of that said--yay for another little boy! i hope he and the critter will be great friends for life like my brothers have been. and also--yay for getting to reuse all those cute and adorable clothes i have bought over the past two years, or at least some of them.

here's what the little man looks like right now:
level 2, profile 1
level 2, ribs and guns

there were more pictures of him, but these are the most clear. and further, i don't think i need to post the pics of the man parts, even in utero! i will tell you that he spent half the ultrasound sucking his thumb and the other half investigating those parts. there is no doubt that this baby is all boy. lol.

so i've been shopping for stuff for his room, and i've been wholly uninspired by what's availble. it's all either too formal to just too damned blue. i like blue a lot, but man--they really pour it on for the baby boys.i get a little overwhelmed by it. i want more than one color in the room, and i don't want it too pastel or too crayola primary either. tough. the only alternative to that seems to be formal. yuck. so anyway--i've been poking around on etsy for ideas, and found this quilt:
quilt for the new baby

it's from an etsy shop called red staggerwing designs, and i love it! i love the amy butler fabrics in it, and i love that it's blue, but not ALL blue, and green, but not all green, and that it has many colors in it. i pounced on it, and i can't wait for it to arrive. i am going to make a blanket for this new baby boy like the one i made for the critter, but in a lovely dove grey, and i will use these two pieces to start designing a new nursery. yay! and maybe by the time i get around to picking out things like a bumper pad, there will be something out there i like that doesn't cost $400+.


sgeddes said...

Two little boys sound like a glorious handful! I do understand missing the ribbons, dresses, and dolls though. Maybe the boys will bless you with some wonderful granddaughters in the distant future to spoil

you picked a great quilt for the one's bedroom.

Robin and Kyle said...

I felt the same way when we found out our 2nd would be a boy. But ultimately, I'm really psyched for our guy to have a brother to get into trouble with.

That quilt is *so* beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Adorable - the baby pics and the quilt. Love those tiny baby ribs. Congratulations on another healthy boy!

gray la gran said...

i hear you ... and i get it. (regarding a girl-baby)

i COULD say something really funny here, but i'll wait until in person :)

the quilt is really pretty! by the way, which room is going to be the nursery?

karinp1962 said...

Wow! Congrats on ur 2nd! Now you will know what truly tired is...lol! I wish you all the best and will continue to keep good thoughts for u and the 1st critter and critter's pop.