Friday, August 27, 2010

1001 blog posts

as you may have noticed, i pretty much took the summer off. i've been focusing on living in the now and being with my family. i've had so little downtime that i have been unwilling to spend that time in front of a computer. i'm getting things back together at last, however, and i am ready to start writing again. i have written hundreds of blog posts in my head, but have found no time to get them out. i am bursting with words.

it's a weird thing, this blogging. whether you have a huge readership or not, it makes you start putting pressure on yourself to write. i guess this is a good thing if your goal is to make money from your blog or from being a writer. but for me, this blog is as much for me as it is for y'all, and i don't need the pressure. that said, i am also ready for blogging to become a larger part of my life again. there are so very many things going on, and i don't want to forget them. looking back at this blog, it's like a digital scrapbook for me--i love that. and that's where i want this thing to be. i want to write more and publish more pictures and knit more and cook more and share more, so that all of that will be there for me and my boys.


fresh start. fresh template. i am still playing with it, but i like all the easy options blogger has recently given me. i get to update the look with minimal effort. about time, blogger.

for those of you still sticking with me, thanks for that. i'm hoping to be around a bit more in the near future.


Kramer's mama said...

I love the blog's new look Jackie!

Robin said...

Welcome back, Jackie, and congrats on the new critter!!