Friday, January 28, 2011


i am so tired of sick.

jason's aunt is sick. she's getting ready to start a new round of chemotherapy for brain cancer. here's hoping this one works better than the last...

my brother is sick. today he starts his first round of medication to treat his kidney cancer, which will hopefully shrink the tumor that plagues him. here's hoping he doesn't have adverse reactions to the drugs and that they are effective.

my little baby has RSV. mostly this means he has a really awful cold, but it's also a little scary. the list of problems it can easily lead to in a baby as young as him is rather tremendous. here's hoping that he doesn't develop croup, bronchitis, pneumonia, or even an ear infection. he's so miserable. he sounds like darth vader when he breathes. he has a fever that comes back every time his medication wears off. he's so ill that he cries out in his sleep. it's horrible to watch. i think this is the sickest that either of my boys has ever been, and i hate it. not to mention how hard it is to take care of him and keep working, which i absolutely must do. so it's no wonder that, between the not sleeping, and the worrying, and the trying to keep my professional head above water, well--i am a bit worn down.

and so it comes as no surprise...

i'm sick, too. boo.

perhaps if i go finish off the lovely chocolate chip cookies my friend beth brought to me, i will feel better.

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