Thursday, February 24, 2005

food, a retrospective

i have been thinking again today about health and fitness and nutrition, and about all these changes i continually try to implement in my life. it's hard to keep it up, man.

i admit, i have been very bad on the fitness front lately. it's been so long since i went to the gym that the personal trainers are starting to email me to see if i have, in fact, died. granted, i have not been having the best run of health luck lately, but we all know that it's just too easy to use that as an excuse. *sigh* so i am giving myself another day to recover from the cold and the general run-downedness (is that even a word?) i have been dealing with this week, since tomorrow is friday anyway. but come monday, i am going to make the sincere effort to restart at the gym. i have some new gym clothes, which SHOULD be inspiring me. but instead i am looking to the ill fit of a certain taffeta bridesmaid's dress for inspiration.

on the food front, however, the changes i have made are a bit more solid. the hippie and i redid those first two weeks of the south beach diet, and that was good. i am, as i have said before, floating around at just under 200 pounds. and now that we are out of those first two weeks, i don't care if we follow that diet all that sringently anymore. i think i have made some somewhat permanent changes that are causing me to have an overall healthier outlook on food.

as i was explaining to samantha today, i no longer even come close to craving anything processed. i have become an avid label reader, and i am put off by anything containing dyes, tropical oils, hydrogenated and/or partially hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, and "flavors," be they natural or artificial. i also have sodium and sugar and fat limits for myself. put that all together and there goes anything processed. it is almost ALL bad.

i don't remember the last time i had a potato chip. i have not had a french fry since january 3rd. i have pretty much eliminated potatoes from my diet altogether, as every nutrition book i have ever looked at recommends.

so yeah, go me.

now, all that said, i still have no will to resist my PMS cravings for chinese and indian food. and man, when i want chocolate cake, i do not stop until i get it. and yes, i still put sugar in my tea. if i am away on vaction, i don't think about it all very much, although i still don't eat fries and chips and crazy amounts of simple carbs. so it's not like i am some eating angel over here.

but man, when i see moms at the mall happily feeding their kids fries and soda, i want to run over screaming, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" i think if i ever have a kid, it will be hard for me not to be a food nazi.

i am rambling, i know. but like i said--this is a retrospective.

and you know, the weirdest part is what i DO miss. i miss oatmeal creme pies. i miss pop tarts. i fucking LOVE pop tarts! but oh well. if my ass is skrinking, i guess it's worth it. i think so anyway...

ask me in another 6 months.

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