Friday, February 25, 2005

what's going on with the needles?

i have decided to give a little knitting update. some of you will be bored to tears by this, while others will be fascinated i am sure.

baby blanket #2 is complete! it came out even better than the first one, so let's hear it for some practice. in fact, i have already given #2 to alyce, whose baby is due in early april and whose baby shower was this past weekend in boston. she loved it, so my work there is complete. blanket #1 has been photographed and packed for shipping to little ella, the daughter of friends in san francisco, but i admit i am SLOW with that whole getting to the post office thing.

now i am hip deep in a second felted bag, which will be a birthday present for sonya, who has expressed GREAT jealousy of the one i have already made. (it is safe to discuss this here, as i KNOW sonya never reads weblogs--she has not the time.) the cool thing is that sonya basically told me what she wanted by expressing her envy of MY bag and then talking about the colors she would have chosen for it. so voila. that is her b-day present.

i am also making a grey wool scarf, a silver scarf, a blue heathered scarf, and a purple scarf with some extremely expensive yarn. i like having a few scarves going on as back-up.

what's next you ask? next on the larger project list is baby blanket #3, and then i will be done with baby blankets for a bit. THANK GOD, as i am a little bored with them at this point. i have some new books, so there is a list of things i am DYING to make after i finish up these few gifts i have going on. i am DEFINITELY making us a set of lace pillow cases. and i am definitely going to try out this baby dress that terrifies me, but MUST be done. and there is also a fabulous pattern for a knitted cashmere teddy bear that i think i just may have to tackle just for the hell of it.

i love the women in my knitting group, by the way. it's awesome to have time to sit and just talk to other women. all of them are awesome, and we are all so different--they are a group i would never have met any other way. let's hear it for knitting class, which started it all! :)

in other, non-knitting, but sort of related news, i now have access to my website and all my photographs again, now that the hippie has built us a new file server to run alongside our webserver. so yeah--expect a knitting webpage from me in the near future, folks. i have pics of everything i have made, i just need to get them up and running. maybe this weekend if you guys are lucky...


Cecile said...

hey Jackie

Just found your blog, do you know where knitting classes are held in Raleigh? I've been looking and can't find anything! I'd like to learn, but figure it would be better to learn from a real person than from a book!

jackie said...

Bonjour, Cecile!

The local yarn store, Great Yarns, teaches beginning knitting classes
as well as some other, more advanced classes. That's where I learned to
knit from a woman named Fran Carraway. She was really great--I would
recommend her to anyone. Great Yarns, unfortunately, does not publish
their class schedule online--you have to call them. Their number is
919-832-3599, and just for reference, here is their website:

Hope that helps!

Welcome to the blog, too! :)