Monday, May 16, 2005

newsflashes for today

flash the first: baby blanket #3 is DONE!!! whoo hoo!!! it's going in the mail tomorrow come hell or high water. it is a DRAG to mess up and have to redo a huge portion of that type of project. the end wasn't much fun, but since i finished it, i have really been enjoying getting back to some of the things i had put aside in order to work on that blanket! crumpets, i should be able to start within the week!

flash the second: only 5 more days till we leave for the beach!!! excellent. i am making lists of stuff to take as we speak. i admit, i take half my kitchen and a TON of beachy stuff to the beach. this year i will also be sporting a fabulous new pink straw hat, new flip flops, and new sunglasses. meredith has all that, and a new beach bag as well--i am so jealous. i may have to get one, too. after all--i didn't buy a new suit this year. or a towel. hmmmm...

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Meredith said...

Woohoo! Blanket is done. And ever bigger Woohoo--the beach is ever so near!! Yay!