Tuesday, May 10, 2005

ripped off!

ok, let's talk about restoration hardware for a minute. they are expensive, yes, but i generally feel like i get my money's worth when i buy something there. take, for example, the fabulous bell lights i bought there a couple of summers ago: the strand is about 25 feet long and i found them on sale for half price, which made them $20. they are long enough to go all the way around our little porch--perfect. and we LOVE them!

so yesterday, when we bought the mayfair lights i was all gaga for, i have to say, i expected something similar, if not better--the mayfair lights cost almost double the bell lights, even though they are nearly identical in style. imagine our unpleasant surprise (since we made stupid assumptions and failed to read the box--silly jackie and hippie!) when we opened them to hang them on the patio, only to discover that the strand was a mere 10 feet long. less than half the lights for more than twice the money. hmmmm. cute? yes!worth 40 bucks? no! just say no to the mayfair lights. we already took 'em back.

now, we will be picking these babies up from crate & barrel on the way home. 26 feet of lights for 20 bucks! that, my friends, is more like it. today, crate & barrel trumps restoration hardware.


Samantha said...

Crate & Barrel - 1
Restoration Hardware - 0

Meredith said...

Indeed. C&B is far superior to Restoration. I have always felt Restoration is severely overpriced.