Friday, May 06, 2005

wedding weekend

i can't believe it's taken me so long to write anything about last weekend--i have had too much actual work to do at work, and at home, i am just trying to catch up from not being home on the weekends for the last month! anyway--kimmie is all hitched up now, to her beloved scott. they are chillin' in st. lucia, and i am terribly jealous of their week in the tropics.

as for me, i came through my latest stint as a bridesmaid relatively unscathed. this is largely in part to the presense of the lovely people you see here: my fellow bridesmaids jenn and kristin, as well as kimmie's cousin ann-marie and her fabulous husband, bruce. we hung out with these guys more than anyone else last weekend, and they made things quite a lot of fun. so, let's see: the earrings were a hit, the dresses look shinier in the pictures than they really were, and were pretty OK except for their tendency to show every drop of water that came within ten feet of them (gotta love taffeta), my silver charles david shoes were as fabulous as i knew they would be, and my manicure and pedicure both survived the weekend. (a miracle for the manicure--i am hell on my hands!) ann-marie, that rebel, had some glitter on her manicure and some little purple flowers painted on her toes--i admit i coveted those flowers! also wonderful to see was how in love with each other ann-marie and bruce are--they have been together 20 years and married for 14, and they are still like teenagers--flirting and laughing together. so cute!

a highlight of the wedding reception was a song that we the bridesmaids wrote and sang for kimmie during the toasting. kimmie has SO many great stories, but unfortunately most of them are not really meant for public consumption, especially by people like HER MOTHER! so, while sitting at our table drinking, we started toying with this little song containing some rather cryptic versions of many of her "adventures"--it was actually pretty damned funny, and ALL the bridesmaids participated, and ALL the bridesmaids actually got up in front of the 250-ish guests and sang the thing to her. she laughed; she cried. so i am calling that a success.

the updo
in other wedding news, this was the first time in my life i have had an updo i actually LIKED. i usually feel like the updo looks like straightend and re-curled ass glued to my head with 4 cans of hairspray and 200+ bobby pins, but this time--no! it actually looked more kate-winslet-ish than i ever knew it could. i swear, if i lived in atlanta, i would make an appointment with this woman who did my hair in two seconds--she has curly hair herself, and i think it made ALL the difference. have to highly recommend the blowout salon on paces ferry road if you are are ever down that way and need some hair care.

the hippie
and i can't say enough about the hippie at this wedding. it was not the most fun weekend for him, but he was just great. he kept me company and helped me get ready for all the events, and came to the rehearsal dinner, the wedding, and the reception and got his social on--he chatted with strangers, got to know the other bridesmaids, and was in general VERY supportive of me. plus he looked just HOT all weekend--he cleans up well. plus--as if that's not enough--i learned this last weekend that the boy can DANCE. he LIKES it and makes other people dance, too! he is so awesome--love my hippie.

i would say that the biggest downside to the weekend was the wedding photographer, who made us go outside before the wedding, where the ground was wet, and do things like RUN toward her in our formal wear, and play ring-around-the-rosie around kimmie, and kept saying, "can't you guys go any faster?!" i think she was unaware of the fact that we were, in fact, grown women in taffeta skirts and 3-inch heels sporting $50 updos that are easilly jarred loose by RUNNING! hello?! plus, she glared at ME when i took any pictures. grrrr.

all of that said--the woman really does take great pictures--i am forced to admit this after pursuing her website, Lori Suzanne Photography. she may have rubbed me the wrong way, but she really is a great photographer.

oh, and the flowers were moldy. ew.


Meredith said...

The wedding photographer has no business glaring at you. Silly lady. You took great pictures, by the way!!

Anonymous said...

I have been eagerly anticipating this entry! You write SO eloquently and summarized the whole experience perfectly! I love the added pic of the photographer. Our ring-around-the -kimmie pics CANNOT look nearly as horrific as that one! LOVED our time together!!! Kristin