Sunday, April 03, 2005

makin' some sparkly stuff

my friend kimmie is getting married at the end of this month, and i am in the wedding. like most brides, kimmie wanted to get some nice little earrings for her bridemaids for the wedding, and she came to me for a consultation. the dresses are purple with silver and clear crystal embroidery around the neckline, and the earrings are the only jewelry we will be wearing. most of us will have out hair up or blown out straight, so we decided that something dangly but small involving clear crystals was the way to go--not necessarily easy to find. further, one bridesmaid doesn't have pierced ears, so that was presenting a whole other challenge.

anyway--after many emails back and forth about this, i ended up volunteering to whip up something for her this weekend, and here it is. (apologies for the blinding bright spot on the wooden ruler i stupidly chose to put next to the earrings.) these are sterling silver with austrian crystals from swarovski. you can't tell from this picture, but the smaller crystal is the exact color of the dresses, which was just good luck. i am pretty happy with how these came out, so i thought i would share. all in all--this was pretty cool to do. it's been about 10 years since i made any jewelry to speak of, so i had forgotten how much fun it is! i whipped out 8 pairs of these yesterday, and managed to only break one crystal. i went and got a replacement today, so i just have one more earring to go. and then i will get back to kntting. whoo hoo!

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jo said...

Wow, those are awesome. I am sure that everyone will love them! You weer a jewlery makin fool, a craft I have not mastered! great job