Tuesday, April 12, 2005

visiting alyce

as you know, i was in boston this past weekend with alyce and her little family. adam, her new little baby, is a beauty. this picture is how i found him when i arrived--sleeping peacefully under baby blanket #2, HIS baby blanket. i admit i was unbelievably pleased with this--i didn't realize how happy i would be to find something i knitted in use this way, but man is it satisfying!

the visit was just awesome--i have not spent that much time with alyce since we lived in new york together years ago. you forget just how much you love a person. and i feel like i helped her and rick and the baby somewhat. they are of course going through the adjustments every new set of parents faces. the first months seem both fabulous and oh so hard. anyway--it was just great to hang out, help out, and get a baby fix all at the same time. plus, while at alyce's, i finished up a scarf, whipped up a baby hat for adam, and made quite a bit of progress on baby blanket #3.

i also ended up with an afternoon free to spend with the sam, which was a HUGE and unexpected treat. it was a GORGEOUS day. we got to have brunch outside, shop a little (i bought a new pink raffia hat for the beach and ALMOST bought a fabulous lamp, but talked myself out of it, which may mean i am growing up at last...), and even stop for tea before heading back to alyce's.

all in all, a great long weekend.

i have to leave you with one more picture of the baby--i took this one with my treo sunday morning while messaging the hippie as adam was napping on my lap in a rocking chair. did i mention that i love my treo? oh, and don't think that this baby is always so sedate and quiet as these pictures here indicate--he is sometimes more like a wild animal even though there is usually a calm after the storm. :)

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erica said...

Adam looks like a real sweetheart. The blanket you made is beautiful. Isn't it great to see your projects actually in use. I love hearing comments from moms such as "I get so many compliments on your ____ (blanket, sweater, etc)." It makes it all worthwhile.