Thursday, April 07, 2005

thoughts on new york

when you fly from points South to boston at night, if you sit on the left side of the plane, you get an amazing view of new york. i used to do this nearly every other week for work, but i had almost forgotten about it.

last night i looked up from knitting on the plane just in time to see it--beautiful as always in spite of the dark places where the world trade center used to be... the street grid so clear from the sky that i could easily count up to the blocks where i once lived and worked. remembering the pasta maker and the cheese guy and the movie theater and the fabulous thai restaurant in my old 'hood. remembering my day to day life with alyce and my shopping excursions with rita. remembering when i was paid to paint and create all day... a part of me will always miss new york.

then again, sitting in the airport last night waiting for my own flight, i found myself surrounded by a group of new york businessmen with big expanse account and even bigger senses of entitlement. they were all screaming at the airline personnel, as though that would cause their plane to arrive more quickly--wasted energy. and after the plane was past the city, i remembered that i was blocking out how lonely it often was and how my boss was so frustrating and the time my apartment was robbed... these things make me glad to be gone.

that is the nature of new york--love and hate in equal measure.

and no--no desire to move back, but yes--think about it almost every single day.

note: the above post brought to you courtesy of my new treo. :)

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