Tuesday, April 05, 2005

boston calling

tomorrow i go to boston to see alyce and rick and baby adam. i am so excited i just can't stand it! it has been years and years since i have had whole days to spend with alyce. my plan is to clean her bathroom and make lots of dinners and hang out and knit and talk to alyce while she snuggles with her baby and i fold all the laundry. i hate it when people go see a new mother and just hold the baby the whole time and don't do any of the work!!! but i digress...

i decided that since i was going to see alyce tomorrow, this was a perfect time to share some pictures of the baby blankets i have been working on. this one is baby blanket #2, which alyce already has. (the baby has, in fact, already had his way with it, and it has been washed multiple times.) i am about 1/2 way through another one just like it. as soon as i finish (hopefully this weekend), it will get stuffed into a box and mailed away with the balrog t-shirt and hat. :)

and for kicks (and becasue i love the color), i am including a detail of baby blanket #1, the first one i made, and in fact, the second project i started after the knitting class jenn and i took last fall. this one is in custody of ella, the baby of jeff and carrie, and it, too, is taking a baby beating. this is as it should be. fyi to my fellow knitters, this blanket is a simple 4 x 5 basket weave with a 6 stitch garter edging. at 72 sts wide, it takes 5 balls of paton's melody, which i recommend ordering online from the yarn exchange. i have had some GREAT experiences with this company, and they priority mail everything for just 5 bucks. whoo hoo!

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Meredith said...

Pretty blanekts!! :) I wish I could show you pictures of mine.