Thursday, April 14, 2005

bee bottle

i have this little antique glass honey bottle i bought at the flea market for two dollars one saturday long ago--it originally held a copious 4 oz. of honey, and it has a little beehive embossed on the front. i keep it on the sill of the window that separates my kitchen from the sunroom/cat room/work room/back porch that's off the kitchen, along with other various small bottles and vases and my sad african violet that will obviously never bloom again. every spring and summer and fall, i walk through my yard and pick tiny bouquets for the bee bottle from the myriad of blooming and growing things that were planted and shown the love by the original owner of the house. this is this year's first bee bottle, and i was so happy with how pretty it is that i decided to share it. yay for spring! :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for spelling "yay" properly. Many people spell it "yeah" which conjures up images of the gigantic Kool Aid pitcher bursting through a wall..."Hey Kool Aid! Oh yeah!"

And, while I'm at it, yay for knitting tonight!


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful, Jackie. Happy spring!! Love, Aimee