Thursday, April 21, 2005

unexpected riches

today i came home from work to find not one, but TWO packages waiting for me on the front porch. whoo hoo!

package #1 was from alyce and contained this fabulous beehouse teapot. i LOVE this company's teapots--they are designed for one person to use, and have a removable stainless steel infuser inside. the design is just beautiful, and as i am sure you know by now, i am SUCH a design whore! a totally unexpected and unnecessary gift, but i love it anyway! yay for a new teapot!

package #2 was from jo's puppy, vito, and contained an excellent new mix of music. i immediately threw it in the stereo and turned it up loud to listen to while doing some house-y stuff before the hippie got home from work. yay for new music! and now, to work on vito's secret surprise...

add to all this the new yarn i bought today to start my crumpets project, and this is indeed a day full of goodness.


uglyagnes said...

what a cute mix tape idea! My puppy needs to put out one.

shash said...

hi, i came across your blog while i was searching on google for how to include a book list in one's sidebar. it was very helpful for me to look at your code!
you rec'd the exact teapot i have. i love that color. if you ever need a tea cozy, check out mine at they go well colorwise with beehouse pots i think. :-)