Tuesday, March 29, 2005


behold the balrog t-shirt for the little tyke. yes--there is a story here--i am getting to it. as well you know, i am working on various knitting projects, including, but not limited to baby blanket #3. this one is to be part of a gift for dylan, the new baby of my hippie's dear friend grutos. thus, the hippie has been after me to knit a balrog into the blanket, or make a stuffed balrog, or something of the sort. things which, i fear, are still well beyond my knitting capabilities. BUT... with the help of another friend, clay, i found and purchased the t-shirt you see before you now. excellent. and could a balrog look less threatening? i think it's perfect for a baby. hurrah!

and now you see before you what i have created as an addition to the fabulous balrog t-shirt: a hat to match.* why is it that there are so few cute things for baby boys??? that always irks me--all this cute stuff for girls, but almost nothing for boys. boys need cuteness to!!! but i digress... anyway, this little hat is from the knit knack kit and is called a li'l critter hat--when you put it on the baby's head, it makes little ears/horns. tell me what could possibly be cuter that that? the yarn is julia from kristin nicholas, a fabulous soft worsted weight lambswool, alpaca, and kid mohair blend--so soft and smooth--it's a dream to knit with, and the colors are awesome.

in addition to these riches, we got some little baby jeans and little black socks, and i am on a mission to find a little plain black or grey or red hoodie somewhere in the universe--simple baby clothes are HARD to find! and don't worry, i am still going to finish the baby blanket too. plus another one that is quilted. :)

*photograph of hat brought to you by my brand new treo650. excellent.


Samantha said...

Ok even though the geekfest is continuing, I am impressed by the hat, as well as, the picture OF the hat. Nice work Jackie, and the Treo650. I can't believe I just complimented a piece of technology. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME.

Anonymous said...

Love the little hat, but you've gotta explain what Balrog is for those of us not in the know :) Great photo from the Treo.


jackie said...

hey aimee! a balrog is the monster from the lord of the rings who grapples with gandalf the grey when the fellowship is crossing through the mines of moria. the balrog drags gandalf down into the bowels of the earth and nearly kills him, but gandalf triumphs and later re-emerges as a white wizard. voilá. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the Balrog explanation! My Lord of the Rings knowledge is on the basic level i.e. I do know who Gandalf is :)