Friday, March 04, 2005

filled with depression

there is no worse feeling than when your dream house goes on the market before you are ready to buy it. from the minute we moved into this neighborhood, we have been lusting after this house, wishing it would go on the market, although we were sure it never would. even a year from now, and i think we would be jumping on this house, but we are just not ready yet. i am filled with sadness at missing out on this beautiful stone cottage--both of us have always wanted a stone house. and this one is right here in our fabulous neighborhood, just down the street from where we live now. it is perfect, with its curved stone walkway, its arched red door, its side porch with the swing on it, its high peaked roof, it's granite counter tops, its butler's pantry, its walk in closet, its tudor-style dormer windows, its giant basement, and its old azeleas just getting ready to bloom. it is just a perfect house. i want to weep.

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