Friday, March 18, 2005

two years

my, how time does fly. the hippie and i have been living together for two years today. seems like it has FLOWN by in some ways, and in others, it seems like we have just always been together. funny how time does that kind of double whammie on you. two years. kind of hard to believe. i still love him just as much as ever, and he is still my favorite man. i still love waking up with him every morning and falling asleep with him every night. i still love how he smells. i think i will keep him. happy two years, hippie!

tonight we are going to dinner at second empire and then to the ballet with harry and jenn to see coppelia, about which i know little--it's jenn's favorite ballet. maybe some drinks after, although i can't drink much what with all my medication. here's to not falling asleep from the stupid cough medicine. further, here's to not having a coughing fit at the ballet! sometimes my body, it does not cooperate with my plans for celebration.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

agreed entirely.

a fabulous two years it was,
and since i guess youre going
to keep me, im sure there is
plenty more to be had.

i may even continue to take
the trash out... ;)

love you, baby.

the hippie.