Thursday, March 03, 2005

stupid car

this week i have been feeding the kitties of my friend, sonya. and well--their bowls are too small and too generic, and they don't have enough toys (they are new kitties). so i decided that as a present to sonya and the kitties, i would truck on over to target at lunch and pick up some cute, larger bowls and some toys and stuff. turned out to be a fruitless trip, as target had only one of any set of bowls, no help for me, and a bitchy check-out lady. even when i picked out a second tier bowl, they would not sell it to me because apparently it was part of a set. i ended up scrapping the whole thing after wasting way too much time.

so i go back out to the parking lot, hippie in tow, already grumpy, and the fucking car won't start. it has power, but won't even roll over. not a spark of life in the bitch. so i call people till i get a chick from work to come get us. thank GOD someone could come. now i gotta deal with this mess of what to do with the car, how to get it to the car place, and how to get myself to work tomorrow while the hippie goes to his class. what an ENORMOUS pain in the ass.

so i borrowed our friend harry's jeep to go feed the kitties, who had produced a NASTY hairball, ate ALL their food, shredded the toy mice i gave them on tuesday, pulled down and murdered a poor innocent curtain, and dumped over a pot of dirt about 4 times their size. the destruction was amazing. they even bent the curtain rod into an unusable configuration. very motivated little fuckers. cute though.

anyway. now i am tired. and grumpy. and i want a new car. a mini, to be exact. a graphite one with silver ghost flames up the sides... but i digress.

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