Wednesday, March 09, 2005

four hundred dollars later...

my car is fixed--we picked it up yesterday with its brand new starter and newly welded heat shield and its fresh oil. whoo hoo! i LOVE when i get to spend an unexpecetd $400 on my stupid car! oh yeah, and let's not forget the $30 i had to give the tow truck guy when he came to get the car (becasue it would not start) monday morning and the damed thing started right up!!! AGAIN!

and i know i should not complain--this car was a gift on which i paid not a dime. but i don't care! unexpected expenditures SUCK! oh well. i will stop whining now, and just be glad that a) it wasn't more money, b) it was something simple to fix that they fixed in one day, and c) that the little bitch is back to running again!

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