Thursday, March 17, 2005

the kindness of strangers

i decided to make a fabulous baby sweater and cute leggings to match from my knitting book, simple knits for cherished babies. i thought--challenging, but do-able--now to find the yarn. so i called my local yarn places and no one had it. so i looked online and could find nothing. i did a big generic search for jaeger cashmere, the yarn in question, and finally came across a person making something (a beautiful shawl, to be specific) out of this yarn, so i asked her on her blog to email me. and lo and behold--this woman knew everything i needed to know. the yarn is discontinued, but she was kind enough to send me all the information from the yarn label so that i can at least find a suitable substitute. this, people, is when the internet rocks. so--a special thanks to my new friend erica over at e's knitting blog.

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