Saturday, March 05, 2005

tea, biscotti, and a clean bathroom. oh, and some art, too.

few things make me happier than having a clean bathroom. perhaps that is somewhat ridiculous, but there it is. my bathroom is sparkly. and i even put up a chrome hook so that i can FINALLY hand a hand towel in there. i am in serious house cleaning mode, but have stopped to have some tea and biscotti and to revel in the open windows before i continue.

i am feeling rambly--i will just warn you right now...

last night the hippie and i had a pleasant foray to first friday in downtown raleigh. this is a raleigh event, held the first friday of each month, when the art galleries and many little downtown shops stay open late. our friend eric had an animated piece opening at a little gallery called DesignBox, so we wanted to go check it out and offer our support. my favorite thing at this show was actually artwork by eric's friend angi--she had this series of 4 paintings based on jaberwocky, one of my favorite poems of all time, which i have known by heart since i had to memorize it for a school thing in the third grade. it was just beautiful and very fey, and as soon as i can afford it, i will buy a set of these prints from her. :)

and it would not be a first friday without a walk through artspace, which is this enormous old warehouse building full of artists who all work together to promote, show, and sell artwork. the two people we have to hit when we go there are kathy ammon, from whom the hippie bought a painting to give to me our first christmas together, and from whom i am betting we eventually buy more, and ann harwell, who we call the quilt lady. she has definitely elevated a traditional craft to an amazing art form. my favorite piece from her is called church in the wildwood, which sadly i will never be able to afford. but damn, it's awesome. this picture really doesn't do it justice, but at least it gives you an idea.

art makes me happy, too. every time i walk int artspace, and i smell that linseed oil and turpentine, i want to go drag out the paint and the canvases and have at it. i really wish i had more room to paint, but there is just not enough space here. someday, however, i will definitely get back to it. for now, i will content myself with knitting and wire things and drawng and the occasional piece of stained glass.

this morning we got up and went to a big country breakfast at big ed's, which i can thank emily for introducing me to. we ate our body weight in eggs, bacon, grits with red eye gravy, biscuits, and the biggest, best pancake i have ever had. we split one and could not finish it--the thing was at least an inch thick in the middle! so--no lunch--i am having biscotti for lunch. and tonight we are staying in for dinner--i am making lobster ravioli and a caesar salad. it's just going to be a decadent day all around.

except for all the cleaning. which i am now going back to, as i have run out of biscotti and tea. here i go--later y'all.

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