Tuesday, March 08, 2005

mary and gabriella

yesterday mary came to town. she is one of my favorite people, and she has not been to town in FOREVER. although she is here for work, she has chosen to stay with us! yay! she will be here till wednesday. having her around just makes me happy. :)

of course, while she is here is when my body decided to give me a whole new cold. i don't know what in the hell is going on with my body, but i jsut keep getting sick over and over and over! UGH! but i digress...

so last night we took mary with us and headed over to jenn and harry's to celebrate gabriella's second birthday! i can't believe that she is already TWO YEARS OLD!!! it really seems like yesterday that i was holding jenn's hands while gabriella made her way into the world--that remains one of the greatest experiences of my life to date. i love that little girl so much, it's like she's part mine. i told the hippie the other day that i was glad we are such a big part of gabriella's village.

and while i am on this topic, let me say that she is just a beautiful child, and that she is no longer a baby at all--she is definitely moving on up. walking and running and talking a mile a minute. she has started to pretend, and she is SO MUCH FUN! she loves to be thrown into the air, to play with the kitties, to sing, to paint and draw, to dress up her baby dolls, to dig in the dirt and plant things. everythign she does is funny it seems--last night i could not stop laughing at her antics. even when she is tired and being a pill--she is still a joy to be around. i feel like jenn does--i just wish she would SLOW DOWN!!! she is growing and changing so fast! i guess that is what kids do...

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