Tuesday, March 15, 2005

morning cocktail

this morning i took so many drugs i actually put them in their own little bowl on the table beside my oatmeal. i took my standard blood pressure pill, multi-vitamin, and baby aspirin, along with an enormous antibiotic, two cough supressants, and a pair of advil. i skipped out on the cough syrup, as the codeine makes me too sleepy to work. did i mention i am sick? the bad news: i have an upper respiratory infection. the good news: it IS getting better--my coughing fits are down to about 10 minutes at a stretch from the 3 hour ones i was having this weekend. so yay for progress! i can't seem to catch any breaks on the health front lately. and it's hard to go to the gym when you are hacking up a lung, so i am getting nowhere with the weight issues either. i have even been too tired to knit the past couple of weeks! think good thoughts for me people--i obviously need them.

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Meredith said...

Hang in there! You'll get better soon. Sorry about all the hacking; I know how awful that can be.