Monday, July 25, 2005

day at the beach

while denise and tristan were here, we went down to the beach (ten days ago already!!!) for the day. our friends betsy and charlie just moved to wilmington about a month and a half ago. they have three kids, the oldest of whom is lucas, who is only with them over the summers and is a scant 6 months older than tristan. those two totally hit it off when they met two summers ago, so now we try to make it a point to get tristan some lucas-time if we can. plus--who doesn't love a day at the beach???

the pseudo-in-laws and i caravanned down with jenn and gabriella, then picked up betsy, lucas, and betsy's fabulous girls, bailey and olivia. then we headed to the NC aquarium at fort fisher. we looked at seahorses, clown shrimp, jellyfish, turtles and various other cool stuff. then the kids looked for fossils outside, where it was almost too humid for me.

after the aquarium, we headed to the beach, where i could NOT stop taking pictures. i will post them all--i promise! but until i get time to get everything onto the server and into the gallery, there are a handful of them on my flickr gallery. :) the kids were so cute, getting spanked by the waves, digging holes in the sand, catching fish in their nets, and just generally raising a ruckus.

tristan was totally sad when we had to leave at the end of the day, and i have to admit, i would not have minded staying a little longer myself. the hippie and i definitely need to make a trip back down soon. i miss charlie and betsy and the kids.

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Betsy said...

Yes, it was a grand day out, wasn't it? We had a blast, too, and we ca't wait 'til ya'll can come down and spend some quality time. Guest room's all ready for ya.......