Friday, July 29, 2005


i have noticed a trend among bloggers to post pictures of their pets on fridays, and have decided to honor this tradition by posting some pictures of my kitties. they actually have their own webpage, but i have not updated it in forever (plus it's in serious need of a stylistic overhaul), so here are some more current photos, all taken with the treo650. still love my phone.

samson is the sweetest cat i have ever had. he weighs more than a tub of lard and has fur as soft as feathers. he's a lap cat who loves to hang out and watch movies with us--his favorite film is the pixar short film, for the birds. he listens to the chirping very intently and tries to get the birds on the screen. he has a tiny little meow like he is mike tyson or something. he sleeps on my feet every night.
he likes strings and especially loves chewing on wool, alpaca, or any animal-based fiber i happen to be using when i am knitting. he's the only one who insists on sitting in my lap while i am trying to work.

the king of mischief, fergus is the funniest kitty ever. he gets in trouble about ten times more than the other two cats, and is capable of scaling up to five shelves of our living room bookcases. he knocks things over, is often found up on the mantle, and LOVES to play. he will chase a laser pointer like there is no tomorrow, and he has a ferret he tosses into the air and can backflip after--i have never seen anything like it. when he meows, it sounds like a static-y radio station trying to come in. he's a pouncer and an athlete, a beggar and a thief, but is also the most comforting of the cats to curl up and nap with. he is also a big fan of cereal milk and likes to jump into my lap when i am eating breakfast. he likes to help me knit, but will make off with the needles if i am not looking. he prefers bamboo to plastic or metal, as do i.

scout is the acknowledged alpha of the cat set at our house. more dignified than the boys, she generally refuses to play and looks upon our attempts to entice her with great disdain. she is the loudest animal on the planet, bar none, and often wakens us with the dulcet sounds of her screeching. it's an ex-stray thing--she can't stand to see the bottom of the food bowl and will yell until it is filled, even if it's 4am. she is so sweet though, and leans into the petting like a doberman. she tolerates the attentions of our two-year-old friends and just likes to be nearby. take caution if she gets on your lap, however--those claws of hers are lethal and don't retract the whole way. and for god's sake--do NOT try to pick her up! danger, will robinson. scout always sleeps nearby when i am knitting, but doesn't really like to help like the boys do.

all three of our kitties are rescues, and all three are fabulous. i think i paid up on the Bad Cat Karma with josephina, my former cat who was the meanest cat who ever lived. i loved jojo--we had an understanding--but just ask anyone else who knew her, and they will tell you she was a terror. maybe it was that whole hermaphrodite thing she had going. but anyway--dues paid. wonderful cats obtained. blog post about cats complete.

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